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Hi, guys! I’m Emil!

Hello guys! I’m Francis Emil I. Ruiz. I was born on the 2nd of May 2001 and I am now 17 years old. I am the child of Josephine I. Ruiz and Florante Y. Ruiz. I have an older brother, named Dan Joseph. I am a teen exploring the beauty of life. I can say that I am a sociable and “easy-to-approach” person. I also have so many likes in life. I most appreciate the nature and the universe itself, especially at night. I like gazing at the moon and the stars because of its beauty. As for my hobbies, I play the bass guitar. I also have a band and I play the bass guitar. Just like other teenagers, I like surfing in the internet. And, I like having a pet fish and I am also a seller of pet fishes. Though this might be short, this mainly explains who I am. To know me more and for us to interact more, follow me and stay tuned in my blogs. Bye!